July 23, 2012

Seaside Mani

Essie nail polish has quickly become my go-to brand for pretty polish, and I'm loving it more and more with each new bottle I add to my collection. When deciding on my next polish purchase, I look for 2 things... the perfect color and the perfect name. I'd rather have bottles of "cute as a button" and "play date" sitting on my shelf than plain old "pink" and "purple". Luckily, Essie never fails to have adorably named products. That being said, this seaside mani was inspired by my two new favorite beachy hues, "turquoise and caicos" and "sand tropez". They sound like a match made in heaven, and they look like it too! 

Start with 2 coats of "sand tropez" and then let your nails dry completely.

Next, add a french tip using the "turquoise and caicos". Since this step can be difficult freehand, I suggest using frog tape as a guide to get perfectly straight edges.

After you apply the polish to the tip of your nail, remove the tape immediately. You don't want the polish to start drying while the tape is still on!

Finally, add a top coat of clear polish. Now that you have a miniature shoreline on your fingernails, it's time to hit the beach!



  1. I love this!! I think I can do this!

  2. Essie has ultimate color authority and it is a go-to professional nail brand. I love it. Thanks for sharing such idea